Saturday, May 30, 2020

“Skinny-dipping is a seriously liberating experience.” – Kensunwalker
When have you skinny dipped?
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QUOTES 5/30/2020

“I arrived at the camp . . . called Camp Full Monte. . . The wonderful thing about it was that it wasn’t just ‘naturist camping.’  It was rather like staying in a friend’s beautiful and prolific naturist garden where you can lay out, read, nap, knit or whatever.  From the moment you take your clothes off you feel like you’re in a veritable Garden of Eden.” – Jason Moore,

“The nudity I participate in when hiking is more destination based.  I have hiked to some beautiful swimming holes and spent an hour or two naked enjoying the water, the breeze and the freedom to be completely human in nature.  Strangely this scenario is one other hikers would completely understand.  I myself have come across whole groups of people swimming naked in forest streams.  Even to non-nudists it makes sense that if you are miles from anywhere and don't wish to carry wet clothes you would swim naked.  It's just the walking nude part that seems odd to people I guess.” – N4k3d,

“Being naked in public feels amazing.  The sensation of warm outside air on your completely nude body can't be beat.  I've been to nude beaches, clubs, and Nudes-a-Poppin, where lots of hot men and women wear absolutely nothing.  Boobies, butts, vaginas and penises were meant to be free.  Let it all hang out!  The human body is beautiful, especially with no clothes on, no matter your size, color, or gender.  So strip off and have fun being naked!” – Frank Johnson,

“I love to drive naked at any opportunity, but mostly on the way back from the beach.  It's quite a long drive but feels so much better when naked, and after having been naked for hours at the beach, it just doesn't feel right to put clothes on to get in a hot car and drive home!” – Bigbzz,

“One of my most enduring memories was my first proper naked-in-nature walk in a managed pine forest during a fishing trip.  The fear and the pleasure were both palpable but it is the pleasure that remains in memory.” – John,;topicseen

Friday, May 29, 2020

"I started the Bare Burro 5K.  It's one of the naturist things about which I'm most proud.” – Kensunwalker
What naturist activities are you most proud of?
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QUOTES 5/29/2020

“Nudism isn’t about hiding who we are.  It’s about finding out more about ourselves and enjoying our life.  If we find we enjoy being nude . . . we need to admit it to ourselves and embrace it as part of our lives.  If nudity is a part of our life, then we should find what our families think of it.  If they are okay with it then our time of sneaking about might be over.” -

“The UK is too prudish: We should follow Munich's example and legalize public nudity.  Nudity shouldn't be a crime, but something people can enjoy wherever they are.” – Andrew Welch,

“Puritans even refused to bathe because they believed being naked was an act of depravity.  Puritans were advised to only bathe that which could be seen, therefore only the hands, face, neck and arms were washed.  In addition, the arts suffered as poetry, dramas, and fiction were considered a wasteful use of time and a sin. . . In 1620, the pilgrims traveled on the Mayflower to America.  These Pilgrims were also Puritans, and brought with them the habit of clothing themselves from head to toe in unadorned garments.  They also refused to bathe.” – Jordan Blum,

“I even have to cover myself as I carnude through the neighborhood, as the neighbors are out walking.  It is a glimpse of spring, and we are all taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity.” – Jbee,

“The Bare Burro Run started in 2010 and is now established as the premier nude running event in Southern California.  The wild burros usually visible from the course inspired the punning name of the race, because competitors run the race bare… burro.  Almost 200 runners completed the course in 2016, despite an overcast and cool weather. . . Running shoes are strongly recommended for runners but nudity is not an ‘option’ at the Bare Burro, for runners or onlookers: It’s a requirement. . . You may forget to put your clothes back on until you’re on the freeway going home.” -

Thursday, May 28, 2020

“I’m mostly nude in my home where I feel good and safe.” – Kensunwalker
Why do you get naked at home (or why not)?